Construction Of Boundary Wall Water Charges Water Sump


Construction Of Boundary Wall Water Charges Water Sump

Swan Energy, a leading energy company, recently announced its latest CSR initiative focused on the construction of a boundary wall, installation of a water sump (Go swala), and payment of water charges for the local community.

The construction of the boundary wall aims to provide safety and security to the community while the installation of a water sump (Go swala) is expected to address the water scarcity issue faced by the people. The company will also pay for the water charges to ensure that the community has access to clean and safe water.

Swan Energy believes in giving back to the community and is committed to creating a positive impact through its CSR activities.

"We are pleased to announce this new initiative, which reflects our ongoing commitment to supporting the local community. We believe that by addressing key challenges faced by the community, such as water scarcity and safety concerns, we can help to create a better and more sustainable future for all," said a spokesperson from Swan Energy.

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